Create a great working environment.
Use JOY as a tool to create change.

At Evoloshen Academy, we know that work is too often a source of stress. Just ask Google –almost 1.3 billion hits are attributable to searches including “my job makes me sick” and “my job makes me miserable”. This seemingly abstract morale issue is turning into a very tangible money problem because stress costs companies a total of $300 billion per year. Other staggering facts and statistics about productivity and monetary loss have been gathered from studies by Harvard University, Gallup Polls, McKinsey & Company and several other reputable research programs and polls.

So how do we engage employees? To start the process, we’ll explain what engagement means to us. Here is our reworked definition:

Employee engagement: To have full attention, commitment, enthusiasm, passion, and purpose for your work. To be wholeheartedly involved in and contribute positively to an organization.

What defines us as an organization at Evoloshen Academy is that we are truly here to bring joy to the workplace. Yes, we said it again –joy. It is woven into the fabric of successful companies and is contagious. To spread this recipe for success, we have created step-by-step programs, tested techniques and a sprinkling of our own language (with just a dash of acronyms), and we are excited to help you tap into the cultural pulse of your company. We are excited to welcome you into the mix

Create a high performance culture. Use JOY as a tool to create change.

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ICES™ Online Certification Program

Learn and implement the key skills that lead to employee engagement and cultural development within your organization, establish yourself as a Cultural Engagement Expert and earn a certification and continuing education credits with lasting value.

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What's the International Cultural
Engagement Specialist™ (ICES) Certification

Have you been looking for a way to create the company culture you wish to see? Welcome to employee engagement made simple. This 14-module program takes away the guesswork and teaches a method proven to eliminate frustration and disengagement and infuse joy and celebration –yes, celebration –into your company’s culture. With an ICES certification, you will lead the charge of bringing positivity and productivity to the workplace. As an added bonus, you will increase your professional credibility as a newly certified International Cultural Engagement Specialist (and qualifies for 35 recertification credit hours at the HRCI which increases your credibility as an HR specialist).

The bottom line is that engaged employees are your bottom line. Our research shows that disengagement costs a company an average of one third of each disengaged worker’s salary. In this program, we get to the heart of the matter to help you create happy employees by identifying what successful companies like TOMS, Virgin America, Southwest Airlines and Whole Foods are doing right, and it starts with people just like us. What are they doing differently to experience a company culture of low turnover, a large talent pool, productivity and profitability? We’ll break down the tools they use, including the five key cultural indicators (collaboration, creativity, connection, celebration, and contribution), the six ‘Ps’ (purpose, passion, people, productivity, profits, and positive impact), and other successful strategies needed to navigate the rapidly changing technological and workforce landscape.

Congratulations on taking the first step toward engaging your workforce. Even if you are the first group or even first person from your company or organization to go through this process, take heart, engagement doesn’t have to be so complicated! Let’s get started.

About Us

Karin Volo, an expert in engagement, career, personal and organizational development, is known as the Chief Joy Bringer. She’s a co-author of the international best selling book, Engage! How To Create A Workplace That You, Your Co-Workers and Your Customers Love. With 20+ years experience working with Fortune 500 companies globally, she has insights on business building, cultural transformation, and high performance. Karin works with cultural development, employee engagement, leadership mentoring, professional inspirational speaking and writing. She is also a Certified C-IQ™ Coach.

She uses her professional skills and draws from her personal experiences to help individuals and companies thrive. She is the author of the Bringing Joy children’s series, a blogger on Huffington Post, a guest lecturer at several universities, and an expert judge on employee engagement awards in the UK and North America. Karin has been recognized as a global leader and employee engagement expert the last four years on the Engagement 101 list, the Top 30 HR Influencers and the 15 Most Influential Women in HR lists, and recently named on the 2020 Top Thought Leaders in Trust list. Karin’s passion is helping people better their lives through sharing all she has learned on her own journey. Her purpose is bringing joy to the workplace.