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Middle managers and team leaders are more important than ever to a company’s success, and employee satisfaction. Increasing your team members’ engagement is the difference between “almost made it” to “achieved and exceeded our goals”.
This 14-module program is offered online to help leaders get their team members, and your organization to become more engaged and make significantly higher contributions to performance and productivity. Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to achieve your goals, create happier and more engaged employees versus having to address high employee turnover, low levels of motivation and productivity?

This program has been approved for Recertification Credit Hours Awarded: 35 Specified Credit Hours: Global recertification credit hours toward a PHR™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™, SPHRi™ recertification through HR Certification Institute’s® (HRCI®). The use of this seal confirms that this activity has met HR Certification Institute’s® (HRCI®) criteria for recertification credit pre-approval.

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This online program provides the key tools and techniques based on the international bestselling book, Engage! Your Step By Step Guide To Creating A Workplace That You, Your Co-Workers, and Your Customers Love. By the end of ICES™ Online, you will understand how to:
This program is designed for company leaders and change agents who want to:
The ICES™ Online program includes:
A 5 Week Training with 14 Modules of Robust Training Content:

15 hours of training videos that will take you through each facet of engagement and how you can improve it. In addition, you’ll gain access to another 15+ hours of bonus interviews with amazing leaders!

Here is how the course breaks down: (click each part to expand)

Module 1: Disruptive Changes & Global Trends

Module 2: Why Engagement Matters

Module 3: The Science Behind Engagement

Module 4: Passion In Business & The 4 Triggers

Module 5: Purpose

Module 6: How To Build A Culture Collaboration

Module 7: How To Create A Culture Of Creativity & Innovation

Module 8: Feet on the ground

Module 9: Connecting Emotionally With Customers & Employees

Module 10: Celebration

Module 11: Contribution

Module 12: The Engagement Activities

Module 13: The ICES 30 Day C.A.P.E

Module 14: Final Exam

Access to the exclusive Evoloshen Academy ICES-Certified Professional Network private LinkedIn group

You’ll be able to interact with us and other professionals who are completing the ICES™ training, ask questions and get support from the community while you work on implementing what you’ve learned.

Here’s what people are saying about our engagement training and publications…
April Smidl

Evoloshen’s groundbreaking ICES Training is an elite program that provides a true holistic approach to driving employee engagement in the 21st century workplace. Karin, I can’t thank you enough for approaching me on LinkedIn and extending the invitation to become a Joy Bringer!

April Smidl

HR Manager, First Advantage
Pete Jarratt

Great to dive into the ICES Online Certification training. You had me on the first slide! so Yes, exiting times ahead!

Pete Jarratt

Strategic Coaching and Training Specialist, BDO
Hanna Frick

The ICES Certification program was a great course! It included a combination of hard facts together with valuable actions, suggestions and discussions around engagement. I walked away feeling very enthusiastic and passionate about it. I feel ready to spread this and make a difference.

Hanna Frick

Strategic HR Specialist, Husqvarna Group
Petra Sundström

What I got most of this training is how important it is to have the employee workforce engage and the negative aspects of having it disengage. It was also great to see, realize and learn all the different ways of making or engaging the workforce.

Petra Sundström

VP People & Organization, Construction Division, Husqvarna Group
Sofie Backman

I would definitely recommend this training. It gave me a lot of new ideas and energy. I’m already implementing a few of our group exercises with great results.

Sofie Backman

HR-specialist, Husqvarna
Aniel Bhaga

I loved the ICES training! I got great insights and clear actions points to drive forward. I’m very grateful being part of this really great group.

Aniel Bhaga

GlobalCommunity Manager, Nova
Ivonn Popovic

Although I’ve worked with engagement for some time, I was amazed to learn more about the science behind Engagement and how important our behaviours are for an organization! I was very inspired and got hands on advice that I can really put into action.

Ivonn Popovic

HR Manager, VINGE, The Law Firm of the Year
Ayla Lindahl

Companies and organizations need this! It is impressive to understand the connections and get the knowledge in how you can engage employees in a tangible way transform an organization.

Ayla Lindahl

Sales Director, Colfax Fluid Systems
Melanie Garcia Martinez

I would absolutely recommend this training to everybody thinking about the future and wanting their company/organization to grow. I believe the course brought great content, information and actions that all companies should have.

Melanie Garcia Martinez

Dean Ivancevic

The best parts for me were the science behind all the lessons and examples on how to implement an engagement action plan. Second part which I really loved is when we as a group created the CAPE for our organization. I really recommend this course because it has a purpose, very good flow and concrete examples.

Dean Ivancevic

Mikael Astrom

What I got most out of the ICES training was the combination of their tools that are intuitive and very useful as well as being provided the space to use this tools during the course to create an action plan for my team. The approach of learning by doing cannot be underestimated. I would definitely recommend this course to others if they are interested in HR or are even remotely interested in creating a more purposeful environment for the peers in their organizations.

Mikael Astrom

Your Investment: $1995 USD

*All costs are USD.

buy neurontin gabapentin The more important question is what is the cost of your company’s engagement dilemma?
You can calculate that with the following formula:

safe buy clomid online canada A company’s cost of employee disengagement:
(Number of Employees) X (Percentage of Disengaged Employees) X (Your Average Employee Salary) X 1/3

Let’s say your company has 1,000 employees, and your company falls in line with the average of 85% employee disengagement and that your average employee salary is $30,000. This formula calculates the annual cost of your employee disengagement at a staggering $8.5 million!

Imagine even if you were simply able to improve employee engagement to 50%. All of a sudden, that $8.5 million annual cost becomes $4.25 million, a savings of $4.25 million to your company.

This training could easily cost you $50,000, but we’re not charging $50,000. Or $20,000. Or $10,000. Or even $5,000.

As a token of appreciation for you getting in on the inaugural opening of the ICES™ Online Certification Program, you can get this valuable certification and training experience at the one-time cost of only $1,995 USD.

Yes, that’s less than 0.1% of the savings from transforming your company’s employee engagement in that example we gave.

*All costs are USD.

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Don’t forget: ICES™ Online has been pre-approved for recertification credits by both SHRM and the HR Certification Institute.