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Are you an executive or professional navigating uncertain times? Do health, relationships, work, or financial challenges weigh heavily on your shoulders? You’re not alone. But imagine a life where you’re equipped to handle any curveball, feeling empowered, confident, and stress-free.

Meet Karin, Your Guide to Resilience

With over 25 years in personal and organizational development and recognized as a leading expert in resiliency and culture, Karin Volo, the Chief Joy Bringer and CEO of Evoloshen Academy has dedicated her career to mentoring professionals like you, to empowering and transforming challenges into opportunities for growth. She has written two international bestselling books, Engage! and 1,352 Days as well as a number of children’s books. Because she has learned so well how to turn a crisis into a catalyst, she has inspired people worldwide, living her purpose of bringing joy into people’s lives.

This 5 Week Live Training will help you increase your resiliency, overcome the negativity and stress, and give you hope and inspiration that will last a lifetime.

8 Empowering Steps
to Increase Your Resiliency and start Living Your BEST LIFE

What you will learn:

You may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and isolated. Or things may be going well but you feel that something is missing still. The world is chaotic and will continue to be for some time. There are challenges we are facing both individually and collectively. But it’s more than that. By not joining this program, you’re missing out on a chance to turn your life around, to be empowered when the next challenges arises, and to be part of a community that uplifts and supports each other.

This program is your ticket to a life filled with hope, strength, resiliency, and the ability to turn any adversity into an advantage.

Worried this is just another self-help gimmick? Think again. This is not medical advice but a toolkit for personal triumph, designed for real-life application. I’ve tested everything I’ll be sharing and giving you the best of the best tools and strategies to live your best life! This will also be where I share some of the most personal, life transforming stories and experiences I’ve ever had. It’s not something I would normally talk about so openly but I feel so called to share it. So many people are facing challenges that seem insurmountable and I’m here to give you hope and empower you. That’s why I’ve created this program.

Many try to brave it alone, suffering in silence. But why struggle when you can have a support system that understands and guides you? The best way to make progress in life is with a proven system, an experienced guide, and a great community of people.

Experience the power of gratitude, deep healing, trust, living foods, and so much more. Plus, get all of the exclusive bonuses and insights from my personal journey and expert interviews…

Here's What You Will Get...

–>  5 LIVE 90 Minute Interactive Sessions each week, starting Jan 24th

–>  Including a live Interaction Ask Me Anything Q&A Session

–>  Private Community Group to learn and grow together

–>  Recordings, Slides, Workbooks, and extra resources that you can access anytime

–>  Bonus #1: Joy Ambassador Training — learn to be a force of Joy at Work

–>  Bonus #2: Resilience Lessons from 1,352 Days and Harnessing Your Cultural Energy Masterclasses — with lessons you won’t hear in any other trainings

–>  Extra Bonus: Exclusive Interviews with Karin’s personal mentors, guides, and coaches who inspired in her journey that will be filled deep insights and inspiration 

Here are the dates and schedule:

Wed Jan 24 16:00 CET / 10:00 EST

Wed Jan 31 16:00 CET / 10:00 EST

Wed Feb 7  16:00 CET / 10:00 EST

Tue Feb 13  16:00 CET / 10:00 EST

Wed Feb 21 16:00 CET / 10:00 EST

** Recordings of each class will be available within 24 hours in case you have to miss any but live interaction is best!

Karin Volo is such a source of inspiration and wisdom! Everyone has some challenges but she has overcome the most tough ones anyone can imagine. Excited she’s sharing her new program! – Vesna Lucca, Conscious Business Strategist, Corporate Unplugged


Karin Volo’s journey embodies a profound lesson in compassion, introspection, and reflection on essential priorities. Her dedication goes far beyond the expectations of life, and it truly sets a remarkable example for all. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. –Nand Kishore Chaundhary, Chairman & Managing Director, Jaipur Rugs


Karin is one of the most insightful and equipped advisors and coaches on navigating life’s challenges and finding joy in life’s hardest moments. Her personal story of overcoming is unimaginable, and she has an an incredible gift for listening and encouraging others through the lenses of gratitude and purpose! Your steadfast dedication to joy and gratitude during the most challenging season of your life was an inspiration and blessing to me personally, and I know it will be for all those who hear your story and attend your program! Your strength to keep fighting this past year gave me strength to keep going in times when I wanted to give up. I’m so very grateful for you! – Davin Salvagno, CEO Purpose Point


Karin’s insights moved my heart and soul. Her lessons are life-changing. – John Assaraf, CEO Neurogym

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Your health and well being is priceless. In this program you will learn empowering tools that you will use the rest of your life. This is the ONLY time I’ll run this program live and with these bonuses! So sign up now to get all the extra bonuses and start your journey to Living your BEST LIFE!

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